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About Our Family Owned & Operated Paving Service in Etobicoke

Anthony Paving Co. Ltd. has been a family owned and operated business since 1956. It all started when Phil Anthony Sr. wanted to build a company that prided itself on quality work and impeccable customer service. For more than 63 years, the company has done just that; Phil Sr. built relationships with customers that still stand and are carried out today by his son, Phil Jr.

Over the years, the company has built a vast customer base that includes plaza owners, commercial properties, property management companies, builders and home owners. Anthony Paving prides itself on the number of referrals we receive because of our impeccable work and dedication to customer service.

Now, more than 63 years later, much has changed since the first ton of asphalt was laid. But Phil Sr.’s goal for the company has not changed and it is still being upheld today by his son Phil Anthony Jr. and grandsons Phil III and Lucas, who are following in their father and grandfather’s footsteps.

Phil Anthony Sr.
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